The 770 account – Lesson on Life Insurance

The 770 account – Lesson on Life Insurance

How to structure a Whole Life Insurance Policy so it will turn into a “770 account.” Please feel free to contact me for more information or if you would like…



Phu Kew II says:

Thanks. Though I can’t say I fully understand the details I do think you
have provided a good overview and starting point for further research. Like
a lot of stuff on the internet it’s hard to tell what is an outright scam
or hard sell by someone trying to earn a commission . Especially when it
sounds too good to be true. May I suggest,for your next video, an example.
Who does one go to to inquire, what questions to be asking, what specific
features should we look for and who and what to stay away from. I’m
guessing you’re likely a broker and that’s fine but what I think many
people are cornered about when dealing with a salesman is are they
honorable. You sound to be. Frankly, salesmen are always suspect (I think
that’s universal, sorry). Thanks again.

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